Day 42 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


There’s nothing like the power of a confirming word.

I’m an avid reader.  I haven’t crossed over into the Kindle/Nook world, because I love books.  I like hardcover, paperback books!

My first experience at the library was in the first grade.  I went to the school library and my skin started tingling and my breathing got heavy as my heart raced with excitement.

I walked around and carried as many books that I could squeeze into my tiny arms.  Proudly, I went to the counter and shoved all 12 of them on top.  The librarian promptly informed me that I could only take out one book at a time, and I could get another one, when I returned it the following week.

Tearfully, I asked why did I need to wait another week, since I would read at least one book a night, easily.

She cut me a deal:  “You can choose one book today.  If you will read the book tonight and bring back a report on it tomorrow, you can take out another book.”

I chose “Where the Wild Things Are” and although I can’t even remember the story line now, years later, I know that it was the book that catapulted me into my longstanding relationship with books.

It’s not just that I love to read.  It’s not just that my mind brain is like that of a toddler, constantly seeking new information to absorb.  Books have played a very significant role in my development.

I usually purchase books on impulse.  Lately, I get pre-release copies because of my radio show and interviews.  The point being that I very rarely receive a book today and start reading it the same day.  But, whenever I pick up a book to read, it ALWAYS confirms something that I have felt, read, said or have even written.

What you don’t know about my post from yesterday is that it was originally written the day before as a stand alone blog for The Gatekeepers Post.  I finished writing it to find that it was GONE!

Since my blog for The Gatekeepers Post is also hosted on WordPress, I thought it would automatically save a draft in intervals.  Apparently, that’s not the case and after I had carefully tagged and added categories, the post was GONE!

Crushed, I knew that I could not recreate it – because I usually post what is flowing from my heart and what I’m passionate about most at that moment.  I always feel a sense of relief and release when I’m done.

However, yesterday morning, “Forget About the Money” was right there, heavy on my heart, like a child in labor, waiting to be birthed.  So I blogged it – I’m sure not in the same way as the day prior.

Even initially, I had some hesitations about the post.  No matter what I write, I’m conscious of my audience, those regular and those potentially new readers.  However, I posted what was on my heart.

Yesterday, I had to go to NY for a few things.  As always, I grabbed a book to read on the bus ride over.  One of the books on my monthly book reading list is “Super Rich – A Guide to Having it All” by Russell Simmons.  I’ve had the book for several weeks and had only read a few paragraphs. Yesterday, I was AMAZED at how much the book was confirmation for me.

When I first received the book, I instinctively knew that the book was not a guide to getting rich quick or even a guaranteed way to make millions.  I knew that it was about a deeper sense of richness.

Imagine how my soul rejoiced when in the first few pages of his book, he confirmed my post of yesterday in his first chapter “Redefining Rich”.  Not only that, in the next chapter, he affirmed a decision that my partner and I had reached a few weeks back, but, have not yet, implemented – my desire to give AWAY my book “Opening Doors: Getting Connected”!

So my goals for today are to work on a Press Release for my book give-away before heading to NY again and to finish reading the entire “Super Rich” book in its entirety.  I’m so encouraged by this book, that the first person who leaves a comment here and then tweets out the link to this post will receive a FREE copy of “Super Rich” as a gift!

Enjoy the POWER of this day.  It can’t EVER be replaced.  Each day holds it’s own…choose to use it WISELY!



5 thoughts on “Day 42 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I thought we were a dying breed. U have not made the crossover and don’t believe I will because I too love books…the look and feel of the pages, the crack of the spine as u prep to delve in! I have been on a reading hiatus but I’m ready to get back to ME.
    Let me tell you how much of an insult it is for someone to even SUGGEST that I get rid of my books or sell them…I’m a re-reader so why would I do that?
    Great post today and yesterday! I look forward to them. Thanks!


  2. I don;t kindle, or tweet. I can hardly see the things on my cell phone without glasses. I love to read and enjoy holding the book in my hands. I am also great all 3 of my children love to read as well. Be sure to pick up where the wild things are. It was made into a movie as well.
    Your post was wonderful yesterday and very uplifting. Keep it up


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