Day 38 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I’m not Superwoman.

And I will no longer accept that title.

I AM someone who can do ALL things through Christ, however, absent of him – I am not capable of much at all.

Yesterday I learned a tremendous lesson in the power of surrender.  Not giving up – because there is a difference.

The past few weeks I’ve been working so hard that I could barely think straight.  Not enough sleep compounded with the real pressures of being the sole provider of a teenage son, can really wear on you sometimes.

People often mistakenly think that “grinding” or  working towards your own greatness is easier than a 9 to 5.  Easy…it is not.

There is NO guarantee of a paycheck EVER.

There is NO allowance for time off.

There is NO vacation plan.

There is MINIMAL room for error.

There is no SUPPORT staff.

There is NO one to fill in during your absence.

There is NO time off, because even when you aren’t physically doing something, the brain doesn’t stop conjuring up things that need to be done.

(Enter Superwoman mentality.)

My silly human brain goes into overtime – how can I pay this?  What will get me money now?  Which should I write, pitch or develop FIRST?

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming.  And yet, I need to BALANCE…


So, EVERY TIME things get to that point, God gently taps me on the shoulder.

“Er, um…you are NOT alone in this.  I gave you these gifts to share with the world.  Why not ask ME for help.  Nothing is too hard for ME.  HELLOOOOOOOO!”

Sometimes, just as I’m about to give up – is EXACTLY when God SHOWS UP! (Truth is, he never left – he was there all along.)

So, on Thursday night, I surrendered. “God you have given me MANY opportunities, you have given me MUCH responsibility, and I CAN’T do it alone.  I need YOUR help.  I’m willing to take it in ANY way you provide.  If there’s a blessing with my name on it – I will no longer block it.”

Not giving UP – giving TO – God!  Surrender.

Guess what? I went to sleep Thursday night.

I got up early and went to a meeting Friday morning and OUT OF NOWHERE (okay, from HEAVEN) came an incredible blessing of such wonderful magnitude, that once I received it, I experienced SUCH relief, that when I got home, I was FINALLY able to sleep.

The blessing was so tremendous, that God made provision for my rent to be paid for EIGHT MONTHS!  JUST BECAUSE!!!!


Does that mean that I don’t need to work hard.  NOPE.  It means I need to work HARDER.  It also means that I need to be balanced.

More importantly, it means that I should not take so long to get to the place of surrender to God – who knows what OTHER blessings I may have missed out on?

My goal for this weekend is to plan out the next 262 steps on my path to greatness.

Which means quiet time with God.  No more morning blog posts until Monday.

Pray for me and I will keep all of you in prayer during this time as well.




3 thoughts on “Day 38 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Great post. I’m usually the big faith haver as well as the one who never worried or stressed but not this time im praying for my strength to not give up.

    You’re an inspiration and I’m so glad He showed out! Love you sis!


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