Day 36 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness



It’s a small word, but a huge undertaking.

It’s not something you have today and continue to have without work.

It’s one of the things that I struggle with most.

Perhaps if I didn’t live a freelancer lifestyle, it would be easier.

Whatever the answer, I know that my priorities shift so fast that it leaves my head spinning at times.

I often hear people say they want to get their happy back.  Thankfully, I think I keep a certain amount of my “happy” with me just based on the joy that I get from being able to pursue a career of my choosing, no longer being subject to what I have to do versus what I choose to do.

But, I think with that freedom, comes the flip side of choice – the burden.  I’m totally responsible for my income and solely responsible for deciding which risks I take on a daily basis.  What do I attach myself to?  How far do I go on a project? And when people ask for help, what do I say?

And I think in my desire to help others, I allow myself to become unbalanced. Because when they ask a question, or “help” the answer or process is never as simple as it seems.

When I was a little girl, my mother often told me “you can’t save the world.”  If she were alive today, I would ask her what she saw in me growing up that alerted her to my innate NEED to help everyone.

As I mature, I’m learning that saying no doesn’t mean that I don’t care.  Saying no doesn’t mean that I don’t wish you well.   No means no and nothing else.

Most of my challenge stems from being in the entertainment industry.  What most don’t realize is the knowledge and relationships that I have did not happen over night through osmosis.  This has been more than 25 years of life, learning and experiencing.

I saw a post on twitter yesterday which pretty much sums up how I feel:  ‎”@AuthorJLFord 1 of the most hurtful things u can do is treat ppl like a resource when they are being more than a friend.”

So, today my goal is to work on balance.  To say no to some things.  To not worry if others think that I’m mean or less of a friend, because I CHOOSE to say no.  To remove myself from burdensome obligations which threaten to stifle my creativity.  And to STOP depriving myself, while helping others.  I need to spend some time focusing on ME.

I’m going to weed out those things that would threaten to choke the beautiful flowers of creativity in my garden.

And I’m not going to complain any longer about people not realizing the value of my services.  I’m going to start naming my price, without reservation.

Because I’m worth it!  I’m on a journey to greatness and if I don’t make balance a priority now – everything I’ve built will come crashing down!

Make today a great day, ROCK STARS!





8 thoughts on “Day 36 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. That is so great. The balance can be tough esp for women. As a herbalist and creator of see the dawn natural skin care, I dance to my own drum as well. That is also a gift, as we are making a difference in the lives of others that may not even see. It took me many years to learn to say no or to state that this doesn’t work for me at the present time. People can accept that or cannot and its ok.
    Peace and Blessings


  2. Yes! Thank you for this post. We all struggle with balance and some more than others struggle with saying NO, sticking with NO, and not feeling bad about saying NO. The horrible part is that ppl (family and friends) may try to make you feel guilty about saying NO because I doesnt work for them. My thought is: If you truly care about me and respect me, NO would not be an issue for you!

    Balance is definitely my struggle… most days I feel like “I need a V8” (its from an old TV commerial. LOL!) but I’m working on it and with this post as a reminder I hope others will too!

    Yesterday, I put some things on the back burner to spend time with the hubby so I’ll be reposting those goals…
    1. Read TAW
    2. Finish blog post
    3. Work on my WIPs (at least one today)
    4. Send out emails/texts to schedule my Open Mic Poetry event (w/ the assistance of my partner)
    5. Laundry (gotta get ready for work 2mrw… maybe the hubby will grab this one 4 me)

    Going to the gym 2mrw straight from work…
    Have a productive day fam!


    • Girl, V8 commercial ain’t that old – lol! Yes, it is challenging, but, I’m determined to work on it day to day. Navigating friends and family is difficult.

      Of course, I feel somewhat of a failure because I can’t seem to put my computer down tonight and I know I need to be asleep. It’s a work in progress!


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