Day 35 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


No matter how much I don’t want to hear about it, I can’t escape the fact that today is Valentine’s Day.

It’s not that I’m single.  It’s not that as a child, we didn’t celebrate holidays.

It’s just.  The same way I feel about Christmas.

I can’t understand why people place so much emphasis on JUST ONE DAY.

The weeks leading up to V-DAY and X-MAS are fully of buying frenzies and the retailers are the ones who derive the most benefit.

What if there were 300 Steps initiatives leading up to Valentine’s Day or Christmas?

My point is, you don’t need a day to profess your love or to celebrate the love God showed in sending his Son to earth to die for us.  It takes more than that.

I think the day cheapens the true meaning behind each of the days and I would rather KNOW that I am loved every day of the year, than to have ONE DAY hinge on that knowledge.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a romantic at heart, but, romance is an ongoing thing.  Not a switch that comes on February 14 and then is turned off throughout the year.

So, if you love someone – let them know tomorrow and the day after and so on and so on…..

My goal for today is to get organized for this week.  I need to do a press release and my partner and I have a new project launching that I’m VERY excited about.

Oh, and I need to check out the freelance writing job postings!

If you don’t hear it from anyone else today – I love you and appreciate you for who you are.  Not just today, but, always!  Thanks for being you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 35 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. My goals for today:
    1. Get organized! Organize my WIPs.
    2. Run a few errands (go to the post office, return my library books, etc.)
    3. Finish my blog post from yesterday and post it
    4. Read TAW and work on some tasks (I will email you later about this, TWC.)
    5. And drum roll please…. go to the gym!

    Getting my day started now… Have a productive day everyone!


  2. Well, thank you!

    I totally agree that the emphasis should never be on just one day. Do you love me the rest of the year? I would rather a surprise on a random Tuesday then for my husband to wait for Valentine’s Day to give me a gift. My feelings are like that across the board. We are always waiting- waiting for the “right time”, waiting for “Valentine’s Day”, waiting for a birthday- to express our love and gratitude for one another but what about when we run out of time? I blogged about waiting a few months ago in Flowers for Reggie (

    We really have to get better with this. I am guilty of waiting (or rather procrastinating) also but I try to be mindful and check myself often. Sometimes we all let “the day to day get in the way today.” But reminders help to us take steps to changing our actions.

    I’ve found that because people were not encouraged, growing up, to show affection and appreciation that it is difficult for them to do so as adults. This was true for me to a certain extend so I decided to try to make things “normal” for my son. I made a conscious decision to tell him that I love him and give him hugs and kisses every day that I was able to and do special things “just because” he is special to me everyday. I explained to him early on that I love him everyday and don’t need anybody to tell me when and how to express it.

    It feels great to have my 19 year old son hug and kiss me IN PUBLIC (and sometimes he even picks me up…. that’s a weird feeling! LOL!), tell me he loves me in front of his friends, and bring me gifts just because. Like everything else, we have to make this a habit. It was difficult in the beginning because it wasn’t something that I was used to but now, almost 20 years later, its second nature.

    Start your habit today!


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