Day 34 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


It’s 10:56 am and I’m just posting to my blog.  I’ve been procrastinating, because while my post for today is inspiring, it’s emotional for me as well.

Yup, I’m about to share again.

A few years ago, I made a conscious decision to “tighten my circle”.  For me, that meant intentionally developing relationships and connecting with people who could propel me to greatness.

I decided to do things that would make me two to three degrees of separation from those I wanted to impact my life the most.

It all started during my time at MTV Networks and an off-site meeting with then President, Christina Norman.  (She currently heads up Oprah’s OWN network). The entire story is here, but, suffice it to say, I left that event feeling inspired and determined to change MY world as I knew it.

One of the things I focused on from that day to this has been to reduce my point of contact from one person to the next.  Just by speaking those words over my live daily, something was ignited and it started a chain of events.

One of those series of events includes an encounter with Wyclef Jean, detailed here.

So, I wrote an e-book dedicated to helping others do the same thing, because I truly believe getting connected is the key to opening doors that will lead to greatness in your life.

Yesterday, while tweeting, I saw something in my twitter timeline that moved me.  It was from someone I admire, respect and have adored for many years.

Mr. Nile Rodgers.

If you don’t know who he is – do yourself a favor, STOP and google him – RIGHT NOW!

As a teenager, I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  My mom didn’t believe in listening to “worldly music”.  One day, I went with her on a Bible Study to her student’s house.  The woman had a daughter a few years older than me.  She played a song for me.  The name of the song was “Le Freak”.  My life has never been the same since.

Every night, I would sneak and turn on the radio at my headboard and although I was only allowed to listen to 1010 Wins or “Lite-fm”, I traveled up and down every AM and FM station in search of the band called “Chic”.  When I finally saw a video of Nile Rodgers on the guitar…it blew me AWAY!

Several years ago, my then husband got tickets for us to see the  band live, but the show was suddenly canceled.

While working at MTV, I briefly worked on a 4-part documentary series “Sex:  The Revolution”. We were attempting to get the series on DVD.

As part of the promotion for the show, an event was held at The Paley Center in New York.  Nile Rodgers was featured in two episodes of the series and spoke on the panel. Of all of my experiences in working in music and television – he is the person I was the most excited about being in the room with!

My beloved Mr. Rodgers has cancer.  The same disease that stole my mother and her only sibling from me.

Instead of giving in, the fighter in him is using music to heal himself and others.  His blog, Walking on Planet C talks about his journey with cancer.

I’ve read his blog a time or two before, but, because Wednesday is my blog reading day and because I’ve been so consumed with the “day to day” – I hadn’t read it in a few days.

Then, yesterday, he posted an entry entitled “Two Degrees“.

Yup, he was talking about the weather – but, he was also talking about tightening our circles as well.  He talks about the power of social networks and how is able to connect easily with other talented and revered musicians.  He states “because you’re reading my blog you’ll be connected to them by Two Degrees.”

My Dear Mr. Rodgers:

You & I are connected on a deeper level.  You inspire me to greatness and have done so for many years.  That’s why I’m @thatwritingchic – NOT That Writing Chick!  I adore you and will continue to pray for rapid healing and peace whenever your “crazy cancer thoughts” try to kick in.

Oh, and thanks for the “Good Times”!