Day 33 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I know that some of you are discouraged.  I know it seems like no matter how many steps you take, you just can’t get to the point of greatness.

I know the feeling.

But, sometimes, God gives you a “gift” through a series of events that can jumpstart you back in the right direction.

It started yesterday with my post about Liza Lasser.

When I finished writing the post, I realized there was more that I needed to say.  So I took to twitter with a “rant”.

“I need to say something right now, can I share a few things with you tweeps?

There is someone who is sitting on their computer trying to find their way, because it seems like noone values you. LISTEN UP…

U r responsible 4 UR dream & UR Vision. The only help u need: THE FAVOR OF GOD! Man can’t give it & DAMN sure can’t take it away.

I’m a bit worked up right now, but, hear me out…

If you’re laid off & looking 4 work, U ALREADY HAVE WHAT U NEED! It might b that God is using this time to make U the head of ur destiny!

I know common thought is that “no one wants to help” – but, check this out –

Those who are most willing to help are the least able & those the most able are the least willing!

But, when GOD says it’s YOUR TIME! It’s UR TIME & U DON’T NEED NO HELP FROM ANYONE. He will make a way where there is NONE.

I want you to know – NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH – when u r at ur bottom, GOD IS ABOUT TO RAISE U UP!!!!


STOP! Being so DESPERATE that you don’t take the time to INVEST IN YOUR OWN DREAM!

If you plant apple seeds, you would be FOOLISH, to expect your family to making apple pies from it next week!

EVERYTHING IS A PROCESS! Take small steps – EVERY DAY! Feed your dreams, nourish them, protect them, & watch them grow!

DON’T EVER ENTRUST UR DREAM to someone who is just a dreamer! IF U HAVEN’T SEEN THEIR FRUIT, don’t plant seeds there!

STOP! Giving the ownership of YOUR dreams to someone else & letting it die as a nightmare.

DO THE RESEARCH, PUT IN THE WORK – but, don’t expect INSTANT results!! Take Baby Steps…IT’S HARD WORK! But, it WILL pay off.

It takes 9 months 2 birth a baby…NOURISH UR DREAMS…they are your children….Go see the “doctor”, a subject matter expert 2 help u grow

IF U DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM, WHY SHOULD I? If u r sitting at home with “ideas” & no actions…I don’t need to hear them. DO SOMETHING

God gifted me with the ability to develop relationships with decision makers. I know how to get doors opens FOR YOU in ANY AREA of life!

To show my COMMITMENT to helping each of you SUCCEED! I’m gonna GIVE AWAY 50,000 copies of my book! Bcuz, I’m NOT JUST TALK!

And FINALLY, my brothers & sisters…LIFT ONE ANOTHER UP! Any coward can hate, berate or be jealous…IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU.”

The funny thing about life, is what you put out – you get back.  I was encouarged by the response I received, from simply pouring my heart.

Which brings me back to you.  I lied in an earlier post when I listed my accomplishment for the first 20 days.

I don’t know what made me think I had done all of that in 20 days.  The truth is:  even before I started blogging about it, I had been taking steps towards greatness.  None of that happened instantly.

All of those things were simply the MANIFESTATION of what I had been working towards for many years of my life.

So don’t despair.  Even though it may feel like you aren’t making any progress you are.  You might not be baking pies next week from the apple seeds you plant today – but, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the sprouts of the tree soon!

My goal for today is to deliver a contract and get ready for a radio show I’m co-hosting at 7pm EST tonight.

If you’re interested, come join us on “Urban Literary Review” as we discuss the affects of e-books on the publishing industry and more in conjunction with Social Media week.

Be encouraged and in the words of Soul to Soul “Keep On Movin”.


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  1. I feel like I’ve been cheating myself so I’ve decided to start TAW from week one. My artist is sensitive and I’ve renigged on her enough. So tomorrow I will start again. And I will give her the attention she needs and deserves.


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