Day 32 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Last night while on Facebook I came across a status update.

Perhaps it struck me so much because our group goal for last month was to examine our relationships.  Or, it could be because it’s just plain truth.

“Don’t question why a friend reaches out to you; Question why they don’t.”

The quote came from Liza Lasser, who I had the pleasure of working with on The Celebrity Apprentice.  While working together on the show, Liza and I found out we had several things in common. And while I sometimes selfishly think that what we are experiencing is germane to the entertainment industry, it isn’t.

Sure, we all like to say nice things about friends who stick by us through thick and thin and how to identify a true friend.

But, what about the friend who isn’t calling you?

This is not about people you don’t care about – but, someone YOU define as a friend…

Perhaps, they felt offended by you.

Perhaps, they are suddenly too busy for you.

Perhaps, they are so deep into their life, they no longer have time for you.

Whatever the case, I find myself reminded of advice I gave to a young woman a few months back.

And I think it applies to work, life – no matter the relationship with the person.

“Don’t continue to value someone who no longer values you.”

I don’t know what prompted Liza to put that up as her status, but, THIS I KNOW:

32 days ago I started on a journey to change my life.  Prior to that, I e-mailed, called and reached out to several people.  Some reached back, others did not.

One thing I noticed – some of the ones who DID NOT reach back “just happen” to  follow my blog, follow me on twitter and are even Facebook “friends”.

Suddenly, when I announced the release of my e-book, my gig with Rolling Out, my work with The Gatekeepers Post, etc. the e-mails and calls started coming in again.  From people who had never reached back since last year.

The most insulting thing, is that there was not even a “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.”  “How have you been, are things better?” It was “Can you hook me up?” “I could use your help.” and “I value your opinion.”


Now, guess who isn’t reaching back?

So, for those of you who are wondering why I’m NOT reaching out to you, the answer is simple:  You didn’t reach back.

And my time and resources are too valuable to be squandered on people who don’t value me unless it’s convenient for them.

Liza, here’s to you.  Thanks for ALWAYS reaching out.

Today’s goal is to make sure I am letting people in my life know how valuable they are to me!

Make it a PHENOMENAL day – because you DESERVE IT!


2 thoughts on “Day 32 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Thank you, Suncera. I am honored and humbled. The inspiration behind my status update was initially about how difficult it is for many of us to have to reach out to our friends in the first place and about the power of genuine support or simple kindness given in return. A real friend should never feel used or taken advantage of by another real friend because that is not the intent behind the action. Granted, there is an abundance of ‘fair weather’ friends to weed through in life. This was not about them. This was about reflecting on who WE are as friends. Do our real friends feel comfortable reaching out to us or do they feel judged or shameful? I am thankful everyday for the love and support of the extraordinary people in my life. I can only strive to be that same presence in return.


  2. Just relax and let go. Sometime people will reach out and some time they wont. When we are able to put our egos aside, and remember that the key is letting go of our idea of what should have been or could have been, or why someone responded to us or didn’t. If a person cannot bring healthy positive energy to you. Wish them well and let them go. They were in your life at a specific space, time, and purpose. Perhaps to gain a lesson about ourselves, perhaps to be of help to that individual.

    My goal of yesterday was reached. Today my goal was to work out, which I did yeah. My second goal today is to work on a case study.
    Peace and Blessings To All


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