Day 29 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I think I’m finally getting my flow back.

After a few days of “life” – I had to adjust my schedule, so I was posting in the evening.  Now, that I’m back to my normal flow – I think I’m going to work harder to make it happen at all costs.

Tonight we have the 30 day check-in of 300 Steps to Greatness.  I’m excited to share my progress with you and to have you come and share yours.  I will also share some challenges – because, it hasn’t been all sunshine, smiles and giggles.  Life has a way of showing up sometimes when you least expect it.

The show will stream live here or you can dial in at 760-454-7017.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

As a reminder:

This month’s guest will be Dawyn Alter-Cloud.  She’s the owner and creator of “See The Dawn“, a line of natural skin care products, derived from plants and herbs which she grows as a horticulturist.  Dawyn is also a marriage and family therapist.

Besides the fact that I love her no-frills approach, I chose Dawyn as this month’s guest because many of us have struggled with taking care of ourselves.  A greater extension of that is taking care of our health.  We will speak about steps that we can take each day to ensure our total wellness.

AND, this will be a “Hear and Win” show.  Dawyn was kind enough to gift us a few samples of her product, which I will pass on to a few of my listeners!

My regular readers know that as part of my morning enlightenment, I read “The Spirit of Prophecy” bulletin by Bill and Marsha Burns.

I know it’s not an accident that today’s message was:

“Don’t be afraid to take a break and relax. Your intensity in finding solutions to the problems you face will not even come close to the benefits of quiet rest in My presence and trusting Me to give you the necessary wisdom for breakthrough. This is not a time to tough it out in the strength of your own soul; it is a time to exercise resolute faith in My ability and willingness to bring you through every trial in victory, says the Lord. Only believe!”

In prepping for tonight’s show, I spoke with Dawyn yesterday and she told me that I need to take a break.  Over the weekend, my son kept telling me that I need to relax.

Guess what my goal for today is?  Relax.

Okay, I have to edit two articles and do my radio show at 6pm – but, I AM going to relax!


4 thoughts on “Day 29 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Nee Nee

    The show was great this evening! Very informative. If you are able to, could you please ask Ms. Cloud her suggestions to those of us who have not grown up with gardeners/herbalists as to how we could transition from the products we use to products that are healthier for us?


  2. Relax? What’s that? Since I apparently don’t know my body has forced me to learn. I have a massive headache that begs to put head to pillow… my goals for today- relax maybe even nap for a bit, listen to your show tonight (I may have to chat online only) and re-read a few pages of TAW. I am looking forward to the show tonight! TTYL.


  3. Shawna Marie, I think you might knock my “cheerleader” out of her spot – lol. Thanks so much. You inspire me in AMAZING ways! I love you and am looking forward to GREATNESS in our lives! You are a tremendous blessing.


  4. I AM certain that the show tonight will be wonderful. Dawn is great. You are great. Surely an inspiring show will pour forth! Onwards and upwards! 😉


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