Day 26 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


It’s been 26 days since I made a commitment to blog daily.

I’ve only missed one day, and that was due to internet issues.

More importantly, I made a commitment to do just one thing each day to propel me towards my year end goals.  Although it seems like just yesterday, we are coming up on the 30 day benchmark!

On Tuesday, February 8 at 6pm – I will be hosting a special episode of my show to mark the occasion.  I made the decision to break out all shows related to “300 Steps to Greatness” to a new show on Blog Talk radio of the same name.  On Monday, February 7 at 6pm, you can hear snippets of the first episode, which was done in conjunction with the start of this project.

The main page for the “300 Steps to Greatness” show page is located here.

As a group, our goal for the first 30 days was to evaluate our relationships in light of what we want to accomplish and make adjustments where necessary.  My co-host Shawna Marie did an excellent job of driving home ways to make that happen.

This month’s guest will be Dawyn Alter-Cloud.  She’s the owner and creator of “See The Dawn“, a line of natural skin care products, derived from plants and herbs which she grows as a horticulturist.  Dawyn is also a marriage and family therapist.

Besides the fact that I love her no-frills approach, I chose Dawyn as this month’s guest because many of us have struggled with taking care of ourselves.  A greater extension of that is taking care of our health.  We will speak about steps that we can take each day to ensure our total wellness.

“See the Dawn” has been endorsed by “friend in my head” Dr.  Mehmet Oz.

When asked “Which soap should I use to wash my face?”

Dr. Oz replied:  “You might try “See the Dawn Purity Facial Cleanser” which contains glycerin, aloe vera, and lavender flower scented water or Garden of Eve skin care facial cleansing nectar, which contains glycerin, safflower oil, wax, sunflower oil, and water.”

Guess what?  In honor of Dr. Oz’s “Watch and Win” episodes, I’m going to make this episode a “Hear and Win” show.

Here’s how it will work:

Listen to the show which will air 6pm EST on Tuesday, February 8.

You can enter the give-away in several ways:

Leave a comment on the show page.

Come back to the blog and leave a comment about the show.

Tweet about the show.

A winner will be selected randomly to receive “See The Dawn” product.

You can enter as many times as you would like, and the more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning.

My goals for today:  Finish an article.  Work on the promo page for Tuesday’s show and edit another book project.

Have an incredibly INSPIRING day 🙂




2 thoughts on “Day 26 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Nee Nee

    Thank you for the 6pm show, now I can listen live! And I will complete a few more of the TAW assignments. I have to… I’d essentially be cheating myself. Thanks for the chat earlier! TTYL!

    My goal for today: Have some fun!!!!!


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