Day 25 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I’ve been reading The Artist’s Way and the first week in the book talks about our inner child, who has not been free to create.

I was forced to remember the things in my childhood that had prevented me from realizing my full creative potential.

While contemplating that, I was reminded of something that helped me tremendously.  I reached out to several celebrities in different areas of entertainment and asked their answer to the same question:

“If you could speak with your younger self, knowing all that you know & having experienced all you have to date, what would your advice be about life/career?”

You can read the entire article here.

Sherri E. Shepherd sent her response to me via Twitter and what she tweeted, caused me to burst into tears:

“Run towards the thing you fear the most. That thing that makes your stomach tremble and your heart quicken — run towards it!”

“When you run towards things you fear, you can’t imagine what blessings lay on the other side.”

What I feared the most was sharing my writing.  Reaching out to solicit responses from celebrities didn’t bother me.  It was the fear that people would read what I wrote.

She sent that response when I was struggling the most with the decision:  Do I keep trying to find a job that isn’t happening or do I take a gamble, throw away all of my fears and WRITE?

The day I got the response from her, I had heard AGAIN from an agency that wanted to send me on an interview, but I was “overqualified”.  I was truly at a crossroads.

When she tweeted that response to me, it felt like she was talking to me personally, not just advice to her younger self.

My life has not been the same since.

What have I accomplished since I got those tweets?

I started “300 Steps to Greatness” and have been blogging regularly.

I got offered and accepted a position as a blogger on The Gatekeepers Post.

I began writing for Rolling Out.

I WROTE and self-published my e-book.

So, as my thank you to Ms. Sherri Shepherd, I would like for you and your friends to follow her on twitter: and tell her @thatwritingchic said thanks!

Please take some time today to encourage a creative person in your life.  Trust me, they need for you to believe in them, to acknowledge their gift and to support them – more than you could ever imagine!

My goals for today are to put up an article on The Gatekeepers Post and have a meeting about another project.

Thanks to each of you who are walking on this journey with me.  Your support is tremendous and I value and honor you.