Day 23 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Good Morning!

I had a GREAT interview with Mint Condition yesterday.  They are truly one of the last bands standing.  They are now the house band on TV One’s “Way Black When”, which is airing every night in February in honor of Black History Month and they have a new album coming soon!  You can hear their new single for a limited time for free on their website  As always, when the interview goes up, I will post it on the right side of this page under my Rolling Out articles.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, in my latest article I share advice that Sherri E. Shepherd, DJ Fatman Scoop & Mathew Knowles would give to their younger selves.

Today, we have a really nasty coating of ice and more bad weather to come, which makes it the perfect day to stay in the house and get caught up on some writing projects.

My goal is to have myself organized by the end of today and to finish everything that is standing in the way of me moving on to the next project.  That includes submitting three articles.

Earlier last year, I was communicating with Aliya S. King on twitter.  Her first novel, Platinum is a fictional account of the lives of Hip Hop Wives/Girlfriends as told to her when she was a writer at Vibe magazine.

Aliya is now working on super music producer Timbaland’s biography, among other things.  She also co-wrote “Keep the Faith“, the Faith Evans story and “Original Gangster“, the Frank Lucas story which gives his account of what really happened.  He was the subject of the film “American Gangster”.

Eventually, she was a guest on my radio show and I will never forget one conversation I had with her in particular.

She tweeted out something about her prayer to God.  She had asked that she be able to make a living solely as a writer and do well at it.  She shared with me that God answered her prayer, however, it became overwhelming at times, because the work was coming quickly.  She encouraged me to continue to pray about writing, but, to also very specifically ask God that I be able to balance that with family life, etc.

Those who follow me on twitter and know me personally recognize me as a firm believer in the power of prayer, so I followed her advice wholeheartedly.  And although, I don’t have nearly as much work as she does – I believe God has plans for me and now is the time for me to strike that balance before the flood of work comes in.

So today, I am going to prioritize and make sure that I am working smarter, instead of harder – even if it means changing my schedule somewhat.

Have a great day and smile at someone.  Both of you will feel better as a result 🙂