Day 20 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I’m overwhelmed this morning.

I’m amazed at the move of God in my life right now.  There have been many seasons of goodness in my life and I’ve had my share of not so good seasons.  But THIS SEASON is nothing short of evidence of God’s grace and mercy over my life.

Tomorrow my e-book will be published.  That AMAZES me STILL!

In just 20 days of this initiative, I can see results!

These are the things I said I wanted to accomplish on Day 1 and a status:

Publish my first book. (One day away)

Read one book a month directly related to achieving my goals. (Starting Artist’s Way today)

Earn a living as a freelance writer. (No other income – solely writing revenue!)

Spend more time encouraging my son. (I have gotten better, but, commit to this daily.)

Go on at least one date. (Okay, I still have 290 more days – lol!)

Lose 15 pounds. (Yeah, that’s a work in progress, too!)

Expand my branding and begin realizing revenue from my radio show. (Brand IS expanding, I’m booked to speak at two events in February.  Making time to attract sponsorships for radio show!)

There’s something about accountability and setting a DATE.

I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from each of you and I pray that I can somehow be the answer to your prayer and not just someone who prays for you on a regular basis.  Yes, you are in my heart and thoughts even when I’m not posting here.  I know that for you to take time to read, comment, subscribe and share this blog plays a role in the success of this project and I appreciate you.  My goal is to be as supportive as possible, so continue to share with me as we mutually invest in our walk to greatness.

Today’s goal for me is simple:  Shut down all social media, communications for 8 hours to focus on the success of the book launch tomorrow.  That means prayer, worship and hard work.

Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to listen to Jeff Rivera’s interview yesterday, the player on the page has been updated.  Just stream directly from the BlogTalk Radio player on the right side of this post.

Thanks for walking with me!



One thought on “Day 20 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I’m so excited for your launch tomorrow! My goals for today: read The Artist’s Way for week one (morning pages are done and I have several possibilities for my artist date for this week), work on my WIP (been talking to my husband about it and my focus), blog an update for #ROW80 and prep for work tomorrow.


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