Day 16 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness



One of my challenges with writing has been to be consistent.  This initiative has really confirmed some things for me and has forced me to be accountable.

On Dr. Oz yesterday, I saw a segment where he mentioned that people who make a public declaration of their intentions are more likely to follow through. I find that it has been true in my case.  I wake up every morning feeling that I KNOW I need to blog because I said I would!

Daily blogging has really increased my desire to write and actually has helped me focus on achieving the goals I set for each day.  Let me know if any of you are struggling in this regard and I will see how I can best help you!

Some time ago, I set Wednesday aside as my reading day.  I fell off from doing that on a regular basis, but, realize the value of setting aside a dedicated day to read.  Not that I don’t read every day (I couldn’t BREATHE without reading – lol).  The middle of the week seems to work because I can catch up on blogs I subscribe to, check out new ones and read the magazine articles I have torn out during the week.  (Tearing out articles of magazines allows you to trash the magazine and reduce clutter, INSTANTLY!)

It’s also a great time for me to sign up for things that I’ve bookmarked on my computer during the week and can now DELETE once I’ve subscribed.  I have an e-mail account dedicated just to those type of subscriptions so that it does not clutter up the email accounts I use daily.

I’m VERY excited about my e-book and I can only tell you the title for now:

Opening Doors:  How To Cut Six Degrees in Half

Can’t WAIT to share it with you all.

Have an awesome day and don’t let the weather outside be the measure of your internal season!


6 thoughts on “Day 16 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I’m going to finish reading the basic tools and principles and, if it fits with everything you’re doing, we can start Week 1 this Sunday and check in on Saturdays right here on your blog. We are already off to a great start in our 300 steps I don’t think that adding a check in each week would be a problem for me. I’m excited! I am so grateful for this community you have built/are building because the people (friends & family) that I interact with daily just do not get excited about writing (or any art form) the way I do. Thanks!


    • Yes, let’s start Week 1 this Sunday. The Saturday check in will be great 🙂 That’s exactly why I created this community -not everyone will share you passion and some people are blind to YOUR vision 🙂


  2. The title sounds great! Can’t wait to read it. I plan on getting snowed in (again!) and doing some writing tomorrow and Friday. Tonight, I am planning to catch up on some sleep and maybe a TV show. I say, now, that I’ll sleep but I am busting at the seams with anticipation to get at The Artist’s Way. I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere, although I know I won’t have the opportunity to read it, as if I will get the information through osmosis! I have slacked off in my reading. I actually have a few books waiting for me to make time for them.

    Thanks for the blogs. I so look forward to them!
    Take care.


    • So we have YOU to thank for this snow? LOL. Yes, I am enjoying being snowed in – it keeps me focused. I’ve got so much to do (gonna blog about it!)

      Let me know when you want to start The Artist’s Way and we can do a weekly check-in.

      I really appreciate your comments!


    • Jeanelle: Never beat yourself up if you miss a day of blogging. Just starting is GREAT! When you right, it’s AWESOME and perhaps on the days that you don’t new readers are checking out what you’ve posted!


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