Day 15 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I’m so glad that I FINALLY have REAL internet.

That being said, while it was down, I did do a lot of writing – no social media distractions – lol!

I know our assignment for this month is to look at our relationships.  One thing that I constantly need to remind myself of is that I cannot allow other people’s dreams to interfere with mine.

When people look to you as a mentor or someone who has information that might be helpful to them, it can become difficult to not get caught up in their dream and leave yours on the shelf.

I recently had a client that had a really great concept.  I signed on as writer and soon realized that he wanted me to full-time help make his dream happen – but, he only had quarter time (yup, part/part-time) money to pay.

Do I believe that he has a worthy project?  YES.  In fact, I’d venture to say, that if done properly, he could stand to make a great amount of money in merchandising, a film, tv show, etc.


How could I help him pursue his dream, while I have so many of my own that I’m trying to accomplish?

Here’s the lesson:  You can’t be in this for the money.

I could have used EVERY penny that he was paying me, however, he had no respect for my time and wanted to make himself a priority, while my work dwindled to the background.  So, I had to make the hard decision.

I fired him.  (Yeah, he was paying ME and I FIRED him – lol!)

I fired him from having any power over my life because of the money he was paying me.

I fired him from being able to call me and make unreasonable requests.

I fired him from being in the way of pursuing my dreams and accomplishing my goals.

And although I NEED the income, I’m sure it will come from other areas.


So, in examining your relationships and defining your goals, decide if there is someone you need to FIRE in your life.  As one famous pastor once said “not everyone deserves to be in your front row.”

Free yourself and let your dreams follow!


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