Day 12 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


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My goal for yesterday was to try to find a way to bring balance to my life while setting realistic goals. I spent quite some time reviewing my larger goals and decided that I can complete some things quicker.

“Sometimes in order for God to enlarge your territory you need to tighten your circle.”

That’s something I’ve been saying and sharing with people for the past three years. It’s a reference to the biblical prayer found in 1 Chronicles 4:10.

I’ve been using it in reference to relationships and the need to divest ourselves of the negative in order to make room for the positive.

While sharing that advice with someone yesterday, I was struck with the thought that the key to balancing my goals lies in the same principle: let some things go in order to achieve others!

A friend of mine reminds me that all relationships are for a season (short-term), a reason (more often than not necessity) or a lifetime! What if we started looking at our goals and projects in that way!

So today is the perfect day for me to look at my year end goals as I outlined in Day 1 using the aforementioned criteria and determine which should be done next!

As I look back, I have seen tremendous accomplishment within the two weeks since the inception of this initiative!

Now, it’s time for me to step it up a notch and make sure I am aligning my daily goals, conversations and interactions with the BEST people and projects to achieve my success.

Don’t you LOVE BREAKTHROUGH?? This also key since the monthly challenge for us all is to examine our relationships in light of our goals.

I’m encouraged by each of you and am excited about reaching the 30 day mark!

Make it an awesome day!

*If you haven’t already, I suggest you click on the Blogtalk radio button on this page listen to the first episode of the radio show dedicated to this initiative.


One thought on “Day 12 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I had a great conversation today with a friend that was similar to your post for today! Thanks for the reminder of the group challenge. Today, I am taking some time to reevaluate my goals, to reevaluate some relationships as related to my goals,and to pick up The Artist’s Way! Off to the bookstore…

    (still a little under the weather but I’M GOING TO THE BOOKSTORE!)


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