Day 11 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Confession time: I have insomnia.

Since I started this initiative I’ve been waking up at 3am. Arguably, I’m juggling a lot, but it’s not stress that has disrupted my sleep pattern.

It’s a desire to accomplish MORE. Not do more, accomplish more. I want to get to the finish line of more things FASTER.

So, some days like today, after praying, I hit the floor running. Other days, I’m wondering if God is trying to tell me something. I pull out my Bible and read.

Today, I got an epiphany: deal with it.

Yup, I’ve been so busy trying to ignore my insomnia and the cause that I’ve actually created a cycle.

Wake up 3am, hit the floor, work until noon. Mentally drained, read, try unsuccessfully to nap, cook, clean, get second wind, more mental work, bed around midnight.

Am I crazy or just DRIVEN to GRIND?

While I may be a little of both, neither are why I have insomnia.

I’m unbalanced and a liar.

Yup, I’ve been putting my goals up here, but, I’ve been holding back. It’s only PARTIALLY what I want to accomplish each day and my mind knows it! So even though I accomplish most of what I put up here, there are other things, you know, the day to day that gets trivialized.

I have insomnia because I let the day to day get in the way of my day today.

Now, isn’t THAT ironic?

Therefore, my goal for today is to come up with a plan for balance.

Without that balance, we all leave ourselves open to our own unintended sabotage of the very things we want.

Make it a great day and deal with the day to day so that it no longer gets in the way your day today or any other day!


8 thoughts on “Day 11 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I have been experiencing the same thing. But I am up until about 3am and typically I read my Bible, write and pray. We have talked about my vision and it just won’t let me sleep. There is a great sense of urgency, so I continue to do whatever comes to mind to bring it all to fruition.


    • Yes, your vision is great. One of the reasons I began this initiative is because I realize that most people, like myself, who have great vision also tend to see the bigger picture long before other. By setting and achieving realistic goals we can all look at our progress and begin to see our list of accomplishments grow.

      You’ve accomplished much so far, so don’t get discouraged. Just getting started is challenging for most. I encourage you to continue to take steps towards the greatness that awaits you.


  2. Thanks for the honesty… for yourself more than anything. You are one more step closer to greatness!

    Today, I plan to read about freelance writing starting with anne wayman’s website and to complete my goal from yesterday which was to organize (or start organizing, rather) my WIPs so I can begin to actually write BUT not until I nurse this headache I’ve been suffering with all day!

    Wish me well…


    • Great place to start! I need to organize my collective works in progress as well. Everytime I try to, I come up with a fresh idea for another one – lol.

      Hoping your headache melts and you feel accomplished by day’s end!


  3. Al

    I’m right there with you. Especially from “I’m unbalanced and a liar” on down. This applies to everyone we all lie to ourselves just as much or even more than we lie to others. And the unintended sabotage……

    Right there with you…..


    • Nims: I started this initiative because while I am grateful for my accomplishments to date, I know I’m not living life to my potential. I also know that I’m not alone.

      Personally, those who have been key influences in my life are those who demonstrate their genuine sincerity in leading by example. I would be remiss in asking others to entrust their hearts desires to me while not being transparent in my communications.

      Of course, all of my struggles can’t possibly be shared publicly, however, whatever I’m led to share will be here. If it helps one person, it is worth it.

      If I had only known 20 years or even 10 years ago what I know now, who’s to say what my life might be now. THIS I KNOW: God has a plan for me and I’m doing my best with every fiber of my being to walk in full obedience to him.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!


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