Day 10 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Soooo my internet connection is more off than on. However, I won’t be deterred. I’m posting from my blackberry.

This season is not only exciting but challenging. I believe the Bible when it says “to whom much is given, much is required”. When I was younger, I thought it should have been the logline for a movie whereby the rich give to the poor. As I matured I realized it has nothing at all to do with material things.

Each of us, including YOU, were born with gifts. Some can sing. Some can write. Some are number crunchers. Some are more techno savvy. Whatever your gift, you are REQUIRED to share it in the present.

In response to a question I recently posed to him, DJ Fatman Scoop reflected on the importance of presence versus presents. And I can’t help but think that in our presence our gifts should be a present to bless someone.

That being said, I know firsthand the delicate balance of mentoring and being used for your services. I’m grateful that none of this group fall in the latter category. I know I can’t personally help everyone but I will commit to doing as “much” as I can.

Today’s goals are to pay the bills, get groceries and do some writing.

Hope you all continue to pursue your passions no matter what comes your way today.


5 thoughts on “Day 10 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Well, its my bedtime (wake up time is 4am!) but I had to do a quick update. I was able to accomplish 5 of my 6 goals for the day! Yay me! GN Fam.


    • So proud of your accomplishments. Keep this day marked and refer back to it when it seems as if you can’t make it through the day or when the day to day threatens to overwhelm you!


  2. Good morning ladies! Keeping ourselves on track to finish our goals sometimes doesn’t line up w/ what Gods goals are for us that day and it’s a great thing He doesn’t get bent outta shape when we “set our own” day!

    Yesterday I accomplished two things: 1) writing part of my TGB Proposal and that’s huge because 2) as I stated in my blog yesterday, I can write I just let past statements I’ve heard or “think” I’ve heard keep me back. Not yesterday, I fought through the anxiety and even shared w/fam what I had and they loved it!

    I need to realized God would not have put the desire in my heart to write if He wasn’t going to equip me w/ the tools to accomplish it! I constantly fight my thoughts about writing but this year the fight stops and I write!

    Every day the enemy is going to do his best to throw us off by reminding us about “our plans/goals” for the day and how we didn’t get to them, wanting us to feel unaccomplished and like a failure BUT this is when we’ve got to remind the enemy that God is in control and He knows where we need to be and what we need to be doing!

    God knows our every desire / His Will for our lives and knows there’s things we need to do to get there! He also knows that it sometimes seems like certain things are a distraction BUT needs us to trust He’ll get us to our destination on time! There’s a story in the Bible about a Spiritual man (can’t remember his name at this moment) who was on his way “to do Gods will” and a lower class guy came and asked could he be baptized and he responded with “I have some place to be” and God told him baptize him and he said “God you told me to go and spread your Word across the river if I do this I’ll be late”. God said I got you…Obey me! The Spiritual man obeyed God, took the man in the river, baptized him and was caught up to be found 25 miles down the road where he needed to be and where God promised he’d be on time!

    God knows there’s a certain place we need to be, and knows theres a certain time we need to be “there” BUT His plan is bigger and if we just go w/ His guidance, if we just let Him order our step we will see that Yes our plans will get done as long as we are willing to do His first!

    Have a favorable day!
    Dr. Lanham (Jeanelle)
    Im going to post this on my blog too because I’ve gotta say I like what I just wrote! Lol


  3. Glad to see nothing is going to stand in your way! That’s the inspiration that I’m talking about… something as small as having home internet issues and still posting from your blackberry (which I know can be very tedious) shows perseverance and just that quickly I have been inspired. I know these steps to greatness are for you but also for so many people that you don’t know. I find myself looking for your posts daily so thank you even for the little things.

    Yesterday, I had so many plans to do things for myself: clean the apartment, write, post a blog (and start a new dedicated wordpress blog to have freelance writing samples ready) and do laundry. Well, my entire day was fill with helping others. First, my friend’s car broke down so I had to do some running around to help her. Then, as soon as I got back home I received a call that my sister had a seizure in the mall. So, of course, I got moving again. I had to stop and breath first so I could calm myself before driving. This isn’t her first seizure, and she came to fairly quickly, but it is still scary every time. She’s my baby sister, I get scared. She’s fine now. Home resting. I mentioned all of that to say I still have to do everything that I didn’t do yesterday today plus more. I go back to work tomorrow and we are getting MORE SNOW so I have to prepare for that.

    My goals for the day:
    1. Check on my sister, check on my friend who is getting her chemo tx today, and my aunt who just came out of surgery
    2. Go to the bank (my ATM card broke in half!)
    3. Do laundry
    4. Drop my car off at the shop
    5. Finish and post my blog I started yesterday
    6. Organize my WIPs so I can actually work on finishing them

    I hope I can get all of this done today before the “storm of the century” hits again! LOL!


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