Day 8 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


I still can’t believe it’s been a week!

When I think of the significance of today being Martin Luther King day in light of all of his contributions to our world, it brings me great joy that I am continuing on a path of helping others live their dreams, while getting closer to living out my own.

In a comment on yesterday’s post I was asked what do I do to get my writing mojo back.  I forgot to mention one of my favorite things:  MUSIC.  I have a collection of songs that put me in a happy state of mind and I play them and begin to write.  The music tends to minimize all of the clutter in my brain and puts me in a place of being able to focus on enjoying my writing.

Today, my goals are:

Two telephone consultations.

Article editing (of course!)

A movie with my son.


Oh yeah (exercise….)

I’m also continuing to research ways to promote my branding that will bring a steady revenue stream!

Don’t GIVE UP!  If you miss one day, so what!  If you miss a day, WHO CARES!  Just make sure that each day that you CHOOSE to make a step towards greatness, you do something in that direction.

Listen, babies crawl before they walk.  Heck, before they get to the point of crawling there’s a tremendous amount of internal growth, muscle building, stamina, etc going on that they aren’t even aware of.

Just checking in, and not even posting is doing something in your life.  It’s reaffirming in your mind that you are moving towards greatness and determined to do something about it.

Don’t forget our assignment this month to examine our relationships.  If you haven’t already, listen to the podcast “300 Steps to Greatness”.

Keep yourself encouraged! Anytime you’d like, drop me a line: and know that your private requests are totally confidential.



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