Day 4 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Good Morning!

How are you doing with your goals?  Remember there are 365 days in the year – so you don’t have to do one every day – just take 300 steps before the end of 2011 and walk into the GREATNESS that awaits you.

My goals for today are to FINALLY read – seriously.

Complete two articles.

Find a way to pamper myself.

I have often been asked what keeps me motivated, what keeps me going?

The number one answer is that i surround myself with encouragement.  It doesn’t always make it better instantly, but, it does keep me grounded.

One resource that I subscribe to is the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin by Bill & Marsha Burns.  It can be found daily on their website:

Have an awesome day and I look forward to continuing to walk with you!


9 thoughts on “Day 4 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Queenie

    I actually really enjoy reading the book. A lot of what is mentioned is informative and motivational. Especially topics and things I’ve seen and done while interning, or things that i’m sure i’ll have to deal with in the future.

    I didnt get to listen to their show yet. Hopefully I can do that soon but it will be exciting to hear any one of the women come back and speak on your show.

    And ..Usually when it comes to the Bible, I just open it up and read whatever it opens up to. It’s strange but the message I get from what I’ve read, usually goes with how I’m feeling, or is just what I needed! =)


  2. Queenie

    Hey everyone,its been a crazy week, but TGIF.

    Today my goals are quite simple. I am going to go visit my old internship, write down everything I need for school and to continue reading my book, “The Little Black Book of Success”. I’m nervous about going to visit but only going there will help me get over that. I also want to read a Bible verse tonight. Hope everything is going well with everyone & have a blessed day! =)


    • Hey Queen:

      I think there’s something in the air – I’ve had an insanely crazed week. What are your thoughts about the book? Did you listen to their interview on the show? I’m actually having one of the women come back to speak one month for our 300 Steps check-in! I’m meditating on Romans 8 today!


  3. I will thanks. I need to stop “hearing” that I can’t write when I’ve written 3 books! I KNOW I need to blog.

    Today my goal is not to stress!


  4. Good morning Sunny C! So glad to be in this virtual family! I wanted to state my Goals better:

    1) Get investors so that we can put my invention out this year
    2) Write more books
    3) Write articles for magazines and Blogs
    4) Send in a pilot to VH1

    Today I am making calls and working on a proposal.

    Have a great day!


    • Good Morning!

      Your goals are quite admirable and I am glad that you have taken the step to share them with us. We are here to help one another and I can see that you’ve got a lot on your plate. I can relate to write more books, except that I need to publish the FIRST one – lol and that is on my list for this year. A suggestion to get started on writing for magazines and blogs is to start with a blog of your own so that you can have a body of work to point potential clients to. I also suggest you listen to the episode I did on “So You Want To Be Freelance Writer” on my blogtalk radio show. I interview Anne Waymen who has incredible websites dedicated to Freelance Writing. Check her out as well at About your pilot for VH-1, have you filmed it yet?


  5. Blessed Morning Star… I AM re-energized this morning after taking yesterday to fulfill an important goal: REST. Thanks to the snowday I was able to dedicate an entire day to rest. I did not turn on the computer nor TV. I didn’t even peak at twitter from my phone. And it was wonderful! Today I AM still in a bit of a retreat mode. I started my day reading and reflecting on the words of several meditations in The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. Today is God’s day in which I live and move and have my being! 🙂


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