Day 3 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness


It’s 10:16pm and I’m just getting a decent internet connection!

Today was a reminder:

Nobody said it would be easy.

No matter how many times we hear those words, when things happen beyond our control that shake us up, it doesn’t make us feel any better.

While I didn’t spend much time on my other goals, most of my day was spent on my biggest job:  being a mom.

No matter what happens during your walk, remember that you still need to take steps…no matter how painful.

Don’t cause distractions from any person to cause you to stand still.

I can’t comprehend why I am moved to encourage people.  Maybe it’s because necessity is the mother of invention.  Whatever the reason, rest assured, that no matter what each day brings, I will be here to encourage you, to help you on this great journey, one step at a time.