Day 2 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness


Today was a day that didn’t turn out quite the way I imagined it would.  Not that I’m silly enough to think that I’m in control of my life (surrender to God means giving that up), however, I didn’t expect that it would play out the way it would.

The past few days I have been interviewing people for a series that will appear starting tomorrow on as a remembrance of the earthquake in Haiti.    I chose to interview Haitian American professionals in entertainment and media.  My heart has always been to showcase celebrities in a light that will make them human to us all – so that we don’t see what they have achieved as impossible, rather are inspired by it.

While many of the interviews were done via e-mail (special thanks to Erica Valcourt who arranged a lot of them for me), my interview yesterday with Melky Jean, the sister of Wyclef and the one today with Mona Scott of Monami, formerly of Violator, were done over the phone.  Each of the stories touched me.

My original concept was to pitch just one article, and have quotes from several individuals, including Cauthen Martine, the niece of Haitian Presidential Candidate Michel Martelly.  However, each person’s story became more compelling than the next and I knew that doing a single article would not do them justice at all.

Therefore, I am grateful that rollingout agreed to run them as a series, each day profiling one person.  We discuss how the tragedy affected them, how they found out and what they would like for each American to do to help.  We discuss what Haiti is like now and I learned a lot about it’s proud heritage.

I share this with you because after my interview with Mona Scott today I was moved to tears.  And although I set aside “me” time today to do something that I enjoy, I used the time instead to do some soul searching.  Maybe it’s because Melky and Mona are people I know personally.  Maybe it’s because their interviews were over the phone.  Whatever the reason, today, I broke down – more than after my interview with Melky yesterday.  Tragedy crosses all social and economic levels.

I know firsthand the crisis that America is suffering due to the economy.  I have been laid off since April 2009 and have only recently begun to get back to work.  Very personal is the struggle to find work when people are constantly telling me that I am overqualified.

I want each of you to know that you are loved and you are blessed beyond measure.  To know that families are living in tents, to know that people are dying simply from a lack of water and that women and children are being raped on a a daily basis is very easy to brush off when you see it on the television screen as an occasional news piece.  But, when you hear first-hand the grueling details from people you know, it becomes real.

So, I got thrown off track today.  I didn’t exercise.  I didn’t read.  I didn’t do that something for my son. But I have no regrets.  I did some soul searching and I emerged a more grateful person because of it.

For those of you who are interested, the first article will go up tomorrow  morning and will profile Melky Jean.  Also featured will be the music video for her new song “Better”, which was produced with all proceeds going to benefit Haiti.

If you are on twitter, please show your support for the people of Haiti tomorrow by using the hashtag #iamhaitian – because regardless of how we feel about any other race or nationality, we are all human.

I pray that each of you will find it in your heart to pray for the people of Haiti, the children of Haiti and the future of Haiti and that God would guide them in their Steps to Greatness.

Tonight while the snowstorm blankets the ground, I’m going to hug my son, let him know that I love him and reflect on how incredibly blessed we are.  I will mention each of you to him and how honored I am to have you walk this journey with me.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. I have been “unplugged” for a few days so I’m attempting to back track. I have not read your articles yet but after reading the above post I will definitely prepare myself, emotionally, to take in your series on Haiti.

    On Tuesday, I spent time with my family AND worked out! Talk about multitasking! I went to my mom’s house where my mom, sister, son, and nephews were and we spent time together playing the dance challenge game on the Wii. That game is definitely a workout out and, for some reason, everyone wanted to challenge me! Needless to say I am still the reigning champ (get your weight up family- LOL!) but I left a sweaty mess. And it was time well spent.


  2. Queenie

    Hey guys, I just spoke to Suncera, her internet is down.However,she wanted me to tell you guys to have a good day & you’ll be hearing from her soon!! Continue in your steps to “Greatness!” God bless~


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