Day 1 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness


So, these are the goals I set forth for today, in taking steps towards my greater goals and how much I accomplished (or not)!

1. Pull out my weights and exercise when I finish blogging.  (Ughhh)

Ok, so first let me say that I DID workout.  It wasn’t when I finished blogging, but, after I had started writing and then realized that I hadn’t done anything on my list yet.  But, I had a piece of apple pie and nothing else for lunch, so I guess it gets cancelled out.  (But, the pie was DEELISH!)

2. Read  more of Daymond John’s “The Brand Within”.

I have not done any reading today.  I’m hoping to do some after the radio show tonight, but, if not, I will make it FIRST on my list tomorrow.

3.  Conduct at least 2 interviews & submit articles based on them.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melky Jean for a series of articles I’m working on for “The Heart of Haiti”.  After my call with her, I worked on transcribing and her story and an article for Jimmy Toussaint, another Haitian American who will be profiled in the series. So, I did conduct one interview and completed two articles.

While that was happening, I got the news that my first article appeared online:


Note:   None of these opportunities presented themselves over night.  While a lot has transpired in the past few days, I do know these things are manifestation of smaller steps I took along the way.  Yours is coming soon!


Now, tonight at 9pm EST tune in to the radio show:

You can also call into the show to listen and/or to speak with Shawna Marie and I LIVE at 347-989-8316.

While listening online or via phone, you can also join us in the chat room, located on the show page.

Myself and Shawna Marie are going to get you started and I want to let you in on some things that I have planned to help encourage you take the steps required to achieve the greatness YOU desire.

Tune in to hear:

Our monthly challenge:

Once a month, I will challenge you and myself to do something that will help you no matter what your goals are.

The power of words:

We will discuss using real life examples of how words hold power in our lives and why they are important to your success.

Others who are walking with us:

I encourage you to call in with questions, suggestions and just to say hello.

Although  my day was exciting and encouraging, I promise you, the BEST moments of my day BAR NONE were when I got notifications that people were putting up their goals on the blog!  KUDOS TO YOU, ROCKSTARS!

I received calls, texts, e-mail, and tweets (oh, if you’re not already following me on twitter, do so @thatwritingchic) from people excited about today, but, struggling with the decision to post their goals.  I know how difficult it can be to put your self out there in a public forum.  I’ve done it myself a time or two.  I’m inspired and encouraged by the goals you have set for yourselves and I am looking forward to being with you every step of the way.

For those of you who are “parking on the dance floor”, quietly observing, not ready to post your goals yet,  I appreciate each of you who are walking with me, even if  you tiptoe on the sidelines!

I want to thank Kelly Monks, Regina Thomas, Erica Valcourt, Aaron Sutherland, Martin Pratt, Melky Jean, Queen Ofori, Laverne Moore, LaToya Moore and Nicole Price who all took some time to encourage me in some way today. A text, phone call, e-mail – no matter your words many or few, you are appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Day 1 PM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. pamela

    inorder to become succesful i’ll strive to be a more confident woman. i’ll study hard in sccomplishing my goals and also ask God for guidiance and strenght each day inorder to do so.


    • That is quite an admirable goal and I’m sure that God will honor your request. I will agree with you, personally, in prayer that God provide you with guidance, discernment, strength, wisdom and favor as you seek him in search of your goals. Be blessed!


  2. Ok. I’ll admit that I was going to try to rush through some writing just to say that, yes, I’ve been working toward my writing goal today. But I’m spending some time with my sister-in-law and looking for Zumba (dance/aerobics) classes to try out. So, while I haven’t worked toward all of my goals, two to start will do.

    And tomorrow is another day to work on me. Now for the radio show!


    • Yes, tomorrow is another day! And remember the analogy used on the show tonight, baby steps. From the time a baby is born until he/she is 10 months old, that child learns to turn over, lift their head, crawl and then take steps towards walking. On our 300 step journey, imagine what we will have accomplished during that time!


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