Day 1 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness



Day One of 300 Steps to Greatness!

Are you walking with me?????????




Proof of that is your decision to join me on this journey and dedicate yourself to greatness and I am honored to share this path with you.

Our goal for today is to list our goals for 2011.  I have several, both personal and professional.  Of course, I’m the one being called to transparency, so here’s my brutally honest list of things I want to accomplish this year (in no particular order).

Publish my first book.

Read one book a month directly related to achieving my goals.

Earn a living as a freelance writer.

Spend more time encouraging my son.

Go on at least one date.

Lose 15 pounds.

Expand my branding and begin realizing revenue from my radio show.

The list isn’t intended to be sexy, it’s whatever your reality is.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad.

I’m creatively ADD, so I need to constantly work on more than one thing at a time.

Now, while some of my goals are longer term, TODAY, I will do just ONE thing towards making them happen:

1. Pull out my weights and exercise when I finish blogging.  (Ughhh)

2. Read  more of Daymond John’s “The Brand Within”.

3.  Conduct at least 2 interviews & submit articles based on them.


Yes, tonight at 9pm EST,  you can call in (347-989-8316) with your dreams, goals and visions, you can chat with me and my special co-host Shawna Marie as we discuss “300 Steps To Greatness”. You can also listen online and join us in the chatroom:

Shawna Marie is an author, licensed psychotherapist and spiritual leader.  We will discuss REAL answers and help us all get a JUMP START!

Hear what the long-term plan is to keep you encouraged and inspired to continue to do GREAT things.  We want to keep you motivated and thought what a wonderful way to get your jumpstarted by giving you the chance to ask questions, share concerns and speak with us one on one on how we can help you get started accomplishing your goals.

Now remember, you don’t have to have an extensive list.  If you are focused on one major accomplishment – share it here.

It’s been said that it takes about two months on average to form a simple habit and about 8 ½ month for more intense ones.

Imagine the LIFETIME of habits you can develop in 300 days!

What ONE THING, one step will you take today to ensure a lifetime of greatness that will manifest within the 300 Steps?

Walk with me…

Today I speak these words over your life as well as mine:

Today is the FIRST day of the best, blessed of the REST of our lives and the LAST day of the cursed, worst!

There is power in the words you speak and the words that are spoken over you.  Be careful of the words you choose because they have a lasting effect on your psyche and eventually your life.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days or you won’t be affected by the words of others.  This simply means that you CHOOSE to think and accept ONLY positive things spoken over your life.  REJECT anything negative anyone says.  After all, God made you in his image and Jesus said we would do works greater than him.  That applies to ALL OF US!  Who cares what people think?

Share your goals, thoughts, comments, in the section below, then check back at 8pm EST to see how I did with my goals.

Then, I want you to take the bold step of sharing with me how you met your goals.



9 thoughts on “Day 1 AM – 300 Steps to Greatness

  1. Thank you again for this community. Here are my 2011 goals:
    1. Travel
    2. Complete at least one writing project (short story, novella, novel, etc. with the assistance of #ROW80)
    3. Live a healthier lifestyle (my eating habits are horrible and the negative stress needs to be cut)
    4. Exercise more
    5. Spend more time with family and friends

    I will check in later to update you all on my progress toward these goals. I also look forward to the blogtalkradio show this evening! (I may even call in!)


    • Congrats and thanks for walking with me!

      Some of your goals are along the same line as mine. My friend, Aaron aka The Jetsetter wants to travel more as well!

      Exercise and eating healthy are the most common goals I have heard so far. My friend Kelly is right there with us in that category!

      I’m excited to hear how you made out today 🙂


  2. I am totally being apart of this. Suncera, I’m glad that you are pushing people to their greatness. Sometimes we can be lazy/discouraged or simply don’t know where to begin. I believe this is going to help people (ME) stay on top of my goals. Looks like no more afternoon naps.


    • Mr. Jetsetter aka Aaron – you are well on your way and I know you’ve started tremendous strides in your 300 Steps to Greatness.

      Already, I see someone commented on what interests you most – TRAVEL!

      I’m pleased to have you join me on the walk!


  3. Queenie

    This is a very positive step for me. Every day I will try to get closer to my goals. Having you and others on the same journey is a really uplifting feeling. I also see that some my goals are something we have in common…Long term I just want to be successful. Reading is always a good habit, so I want to do more of that. I also want to write a book one day. In my future I want to direct and write my own TV shows/movies, be closer to God, bring up my self esteem and lastly be true to myself and tell people how I feel at all times.

    Today my short-term goals are:
    1.Read more pages in “The Little Black Book of Success”
    2.Write something (anything) to get my thoughts out
    3.Tell someone how I feel (bad or good)
    4.Read a passage in the Bible
    5.Compliment myself and keep it in my head all day

    Day One..on my journey to success!! Let’s Go!!!!


    • Queen! Your name is so fitting. In the short time that I’ve knowm you, I’m so proud of the steps you have taken towards claiming your own success. I know some of your struggles, and I am here for you. So proud of you for sharing your goals with us. You are an incredible young lady and it is my privilege to call you friend.


  4. Blessings Suncera! I am so excited to walk these 300 steps with you!

    Here go my top 5 goals:
    1. Maintain a healthy balance of self-care, personal satisfaction and career success
    2. Grow the Healing Truth Center Online Community to 10,000 empowered members
    3. Secure sponsorships and development of the Prosperity NOW! Tour
    4. Release the Prosperity NOW! audio book
    5. Complete and publish my second book

    Today I committed to:
    1. Walk to and from the office ~>DONE! (Cuz now I HAVE to walk home! LOL)
    2. Develop and post 5 goals on your blog ~>DONE!
    3. Co-host and promote your 300 Steps to Greatness Show today. ~>ALMOST DONE! 🙂

    Keep rising! Talk to you tonight!!!


    Shawna Marie, Spiritual Leader


    • Shawna Marie! I’m so glad that the Creator put the two of us together on this journey. When I think of how we met, I know it was nothing less than a divine connection. Thanks for honoring me. Talk to you soon!


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