300 Steps to Greatness!


“First of all, giving all praise to God…welcome to the BEST day of your life!”

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged.

2010 was quite a year for me and I had to face some harsh realities.

“Nobody said things would always be easy
Nobody said it would always be nice
Nobody said that every day would turn out perfectly right”

I’ve suffered several losses, personally and professionally, however, I walked away with a lesson:

Sometimes in order to re-create ourselves, we simply need to go back to that ONE THING that we were created for.

“Somebody said my yoke is easy
Somebody said my burden is light
Somebody said that weeping only lasts for just a night”

Sometimes we get so accustomed to struggling, that it becomes our nature and we feel as if we are not living if we are not struggling.  Unfortunately, in the entertainment industry, people often equate hustle with struggle.

“So when your day comes to an end
And your night is closing in
Tears fall uncontrollably
But you’re gonna see”

I’ve spent the last few years of my life working in television in some aspect or another.  And it was only after speaking with several friends who were just as affected by unemployment and the economy as I have been, that I realized it’s time to begin something new.


At the core of who you are, there is that ONE thing that you would do and can’t live without doing.  That is called purpose.  Sometimes, on the path to purpose we do other things.

And just like that….

I’m a writer.

That’s who I am, that’s what I do.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever work in television again, it just means that I need to do what I was created for – WRITE!

I spent a significant amount of time in 2010 branding myself.

I have a successful radio show:  www.blogtalkradio.com/thatwritingchic with a great following.  I’ve even been featured several times as the “Best of BlogTalk Radio”.  While that was happening, all hell broke loose in my personal life, however, without that hell, I wouldn’t have been ready for where I am now.

More importantly, I gained some friends and lost some who I thought were friends.  Relationships are essential to our existence and I want to continue to encourage you to CONSTANTLY re-evaluate them – family, friends, co-workers – cut off those who are impeding your progress!

“Every morning
Grace is dawning
Sun is rising favor fallin’
Goodness and mercy will follow
You every day
So don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you be afraid
Everything will be okay
In the mornin'”

So, I want to encourage you, while encouraging myself to do JUST ONE THING, JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Starting Monday, I’m going to post my One Thing that I’m doing to work towards my goals for this year, and I encourage you to interact here with me and do the same.  I will post my list of goals and each day, share with you at the start of the day the ONE thing I plan to accomplish and then share with you at the end of the day if I actually accomplished it.  I’m going to share what I learn, what I read and what my plans are.

Take some time over the weekend and figure out how you can do that THING that has been burning in the depths of your soul:  write a book, release a song, shoot a film, make a quilt, spend more time with the kids, find a man (lol) – no matter what it is that’s on your list, I want to help you.  There’s strength in numbers and I want to build a community of people who are GENUINELY supportive of each other.

We’ve got over 300 days left in this year.  If we each take ONE step, ONE day at a time, imagine what we could accomplish by the time 2012 comes in!  300 steps to GREATNESS!

Here’s an example:

My goal:

Write more.

What I did today:

I wrote and submitted an article 🙂 And I blogged.  I put my pledge out in a public forum, making me accountable. Not easy, but, it’s what needs to be done!

“Tomorrow is another day!”


13 thoughts on “300 Steps to Greatness!

  1. Busisiwe Mokgatle

    I am grateful for all the love & kindness that you are showing. Never did I think/dream a stranger would care for me all the way from USA while I am in South Africa.

    Thanks for your honesty, I am about to start writing my goals in line with what I believe God has planted in me which is help/support for other.

    Thanks for sharing your journey…


  2. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. As for myself I have not been employed for over 2 years now. So my spirit lead me to write what I know about. In December my first book was published. Medicine Beneath Your Feet A Quick Guide To Making Herbal Medicine. I am an herbalist and wanted to write a guide on herbal medicine to assist others. Remember that all of are needs are meant and that Heaven exits right here right now in this very moment. Without winter there would be no spring. May we continue to uplift one another.
    Peace and Blessings and All The Love In The World


    • Thanks for your insight. You have confirmed my goals for this year. I had to go back to what I know and that is writing. I’m working on a prayer book, based on my daily tweets and a book based on my knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry. “Without winter there would be no spring.” I LOVE THAT! Blessing to you and thanks for honoring us by joining us on our journey to GREATNESS!


    • So glad for you to join us! Simply put your goals in the comments section in the morning and then come back later in the day and let us know how you did. I put mine up prior to 8am every day and have committed to reporting back prior to 8pm. There are no rules about when you post or how often – that’s up to you, however, the more you post, the more you’re able to track your progress, see results and receive encouragement from others! Looking forward to having you walk with us!


    • So happy to have you join me on the journey! Just come back here tomorrow after 8 am. I will post my goals for the year and what I plan to accomplish tomorrow to meet those goals. Come here and put your goals on display publicly. We will all encourage one another and at the end of the day, at 8pm, I will post what I’ve accomplished for the day and encourage you to do the same. Measurable results, one day at a time. Can you imagine what’s gonna happen within the next 300 days???? I’m also making an annoucement with tomorrow morning’s posts which will explain further how I plan for EVERYONE involved to interact!!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing. As you pointed out, in helping yourself you may also help others (and vice versa.) It’s great to know that there are still good ppl in the world that are genuinely interested in community and improving themselves everyday. One of the toughest “cuts” to make involves family. *heavy sigh* But we have to do what’s best for ourselves in order to be the best people we can be. Thank you for the invitation on this 2011 journey with you. Genuinely.

    Keep up the great job!


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