I LOVE MUSIC.   I love stringed instruments, horns, and keys…..ah, keys!

My favorite thing to wake to is the sound of birds chirping.  I feel like God is tapping me on the shoulder and saying “Good Morning, dear.  It’s time to get up.  I have a wonderful day prepared for you!”

No matter what time of day or night, my brain is just a millisecond from a song.

Some of my favorite memories as a young girl came at the first of the month.  My mother would get her welfare check, take me to pay the bills with her and then go to the only other place that mattered after responsibilities had been met.  The record store.

My affinity for music continued in my teenage and early 20’s as the record store became my hangout spot.

Somewhere along the way, my heart’s desire was to create a curriculum solely around music.  As an adult, I can instantly call to mind songs my parents played and recall EACH AND EVERY LYRIC.  I’m amazed at the ability of the mind to recall words connected with music.

I guess that’s why I rarely turn on the radio anymore.  What is modern music teaching us?  What are our children going to recall when they hear these songs as an adult?  Music used to MEAN something.  Songwriters were storytellers….

As of late, I’ve reverted to a game my siblings and I played.  The goal was only to speak with the lyrics of a song.  So, if you’re standing in my presence and I answer your question by singing – don’t call the nice people with the white coats 🙂

When it was time to wake my son this morning, I naturally blurted out ‘Wake Up everybody, no more sleeping in bed” and then as my mind continued to wander through the words of the song, I realized:  It only takes one song.

Wake Up Everybody was performed by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.  Teddy Pendergrass held down the lead vocals (RIP – he passed earlier this year).

The song was written in 1972.  38 YEARS AGO. Yet they are just as relevant now as they were then.

Wake up everybody no more sleepin in bed
No more backward thinkin time for thinkin ahead
The world has changed so very much
From what it used to be so
there is so much hatred war an’ poverty .
Wake up all the teachers time to teach a new way
Maybe then they’ll listen to whatcha have to say
Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up and the world is in their hands
when you teach the children teach em the very best you can.

The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me.

Wake up all the doctors make the ol’ people well
They’re the ones who suffer an’ who catch all the hell
But they don’t have so very long before the Judgement Day
So won’tcha make them happy before they pass away.
Wake up all the builders time to build a new land
I know we can do it if we all lend a hand
The only thing we have to do is put it in our mind
Surely things will work out they do it every time.

One of the things I miss most about the music of my youth is the extended versions of my favorite songs, (some people are CLUELESS right now  – lol).

In the video version of this song below, I implore you to listen until the VERY end.

I’ve never noticed the  appeal made to Preachers, Politicians & Businessmen.

Perhaps the reason there are no extended versions is because people aren’t really SAYING anything in music anymore.

I don’t care what race, creed or color.  We NEED to wake up everybody.