I believe I can fly.

On Saturday, November 21 Robert Townsend held a class in New York.

It was called the Ultimate Pitch Class and conducted in Times Square.

After introducing himself to us and sharing his plans for the upcoming year, he went around the room and had about 100 filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, actors, distribution companies and content providers introduce ourselves and state what we were looking for.

There was someone from EVERY area of the film and television industry.

Mr. Townsend encouraged us not to stop until we had heard at LEAST 700 (nope, not a typo – seven hundred) No’s!

SHUT UP!  He told us to tell the naysayers and all of those who brought negative energy to our dreams.

If I can see it, then I can do it.

Then, he gave us the keys to the kingdom.

Nah, I’m not going to duplicate the class here – you have to catch it yourself!

But, I will provide you with an opportunity.

If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it.

One of the things that Mr. Townsend challenged us to do is to use our resources.

There were enough people in the room to produce many feature films with minimal money.

There was a room full of cast and crew.

So, I made a decision.

I think about it every night and day.

This is the part where you come in.

There are miracles in life I want to achieve.

I’m going to produce one of my screenplays as a short.

I believe I can soar.


I’m not waiting for a budget.

I’m going to re-write one of my existing full-length films as a short.

The title is “Sticks n Stones”.

I will enter the completed work in film festivals!

I see me running through that open door.

Paying attention?

I want to include you in the process.

On Friday of this week, there will be a post on my events tab, titled “Sticks n Stones”.

I will post the casting call and the crew requirements.

I plan to start shooting late January 2010.

Shooting will take place in Northern, NJ and will be a four-day maximum shoot.

If you ever wanted to be a part of a movie, here’s your chance!

If you’ve never been in a movie or on a movie set before, it doesn’t matter.

I still want you there.

You have something to offer, no matter who you are!

Check out the Sticks n Stones page for details!

I believe I can soar.

And I would love nothing more than for us to soar TOGETHER!

Care to join me?


One thought on “Fly!

  1. Good for you Suncera!
    You make way through the smallest spark of light-you come right on through it!
    That is how it is SUPPOSED to be!
    I cannot wait to see how things turn out and wish you all the BEST!
    Keep us posted.


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