Gotta Be


Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds.

A few short months ago, I met a young man.

We had been Facebook friends and had worked in the same building at MTV.  But, I actually MET him face to face less than six months ago.

He’s a producer/writer/comedian and has a sketch comedy show.

Our first meeting was coincidentally, at a volunteer event sponsored by someone I met through his Facebook page.

He has put in a lot of time, money and effort into his project.

One day I asked him if he had done any stand up comedy.


Go ahead release your fears.

In September, I invited him to come with me to Anthony Anderson’s birthday bash at Gotham Comedy Club, as I thought it would be great for him to network.

While there, he met “Goldie”, one of the Flavor of Love girls.

While there, I ran into an old friend of mine – Bob Sumner.


Bob Sumner, the father of Def Comedy Jam.

The next week, Goldie filmed an episode for my friend’s show.

At the end of September, I sent an e-mail to Stephen Hill, President of BET Networks.

Two days prior to this year’s VH-1 Hip Hop Honors (HHH), I received a call from Mr. Hill’s assistant, stating he wished to have a conference call with me.

My friend called me and asked if I was attending HHH this year and I told him I had decided not to.

He called me excitedly after the show.

Guess who he saw standing outside after HHH?

Stephen Hill.

He told Mr. Hill about his project and he was told to e-mail him a link to the show.

Two weeks ago, my friend attended a class and was told he needed to do stand up.  NOW!

The world keeps on spinning can’t stop it if you tried to.

Go ahead release your fears.

Instead of saying, “I told you so”, I contacted my old friend.

Bob Sumner.

Bob watched one of my friend’s videos and gave him a five-minute spot on a live comedy show he produces in New Jersey.

Immediately, my friend went into action.

He started doing stand up , with just about a week before his first show ever.

Today, my friend and I went to Robert Townsend’s Ultimate Pitch Workshop in New York.

The class started at 10:00 am.

My friend had to leave for an audition at 10:40 am.

Time asks no questions it goes on without you.

During the Pitch Workshop, Robert Townsend RANDOMLY chose names of participants to go before him and pitch their ideas.

10 people pitched before Mr. Townsend.

My friend came back.

You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger.

But, he had to leave again at 1pm for another audition.

The workshop went so well, the decision was made to “take it to the streets”, so we could all network more.

We broke for lunch and then walked over to Bryant Park.

10 more people were selected to pitch before Mr. Townsend.

As the fifth or sixth person pitched, my friend called to ask where we were.

Shortly after he arrived, Mr. Townsend decided that he would take only five more pitches.

Guess who was the third person called to pitch?

My friend.  Who had never pitched before!

You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to introduce you to Steve Rivers, one of the most persistent, hard working young men I know.

In the span of sixty days, he has shared his TV show with:

Stephen Hill, President of BET

Bob Sumner, Producer of Def Comedy Jam

Robert Townsend – THE MAN!

In the span of one day, he went to two auditions AND pitched to Robert Townsend BEFORE making his way to do a stand up show tonight.

We could learn several things from Steve Rivers.

1)   Network, network, network.  Use Facebook, use twitter, but, NETWORK!

2)   NEVER be afraid to ask.  What if he did not network at the party and didn’t ask Goldie to be on his show?  What if he did not approach Stephen Hill?

3)   Don’t be afraid to try something you have never done before.  What if he was afraid to do the stand up show because he had never done it before?  What if he didn’t sign up to pitch because he had never pitched before?

One of the most important lessons we can learn from Steve Rivers, is the power of persistence.  We get back out of life, what we put in.

More importantly, whatever is meant to happen WILL!

He has poured his heart and soul into his project and his acting.  And it’s coming back to him.

LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and in return that love will save the day!

Follow him on twitter @thekidskoob


3 thoughts on “Gotta Be

  1. GREAT blog posting!
    Just as I believe it is true that kindness knows no shame, neither should tenacity and persistence.
    GOOD for and CONGRATS to him!
    You never know (anything) until you ask!

    * * * * * for Suncera, again!


  2. Wow! Now that is persistence! We need that these days, to be told no. To learn and go out on a limb knowing it could break or we can hang on and breakthrough! I needed this! God is good, with him we have nothing to fear!


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