Anything’s Possible


“You won’t be nothing unless you do what you’re told.  Study medicine or study law.”

I grew up during a time when a career in the entertainment industry wasn’t considered a “real job”.

Due to my strict religious upbringing, I was encouraged NOT to go to college.

I graduated with a fully paid scholarship – but, I didn’t go to college.

I don’t have a degree.  I never went to school for film, writing, or music.

None of it.

I took a Gibbs Paralegal Course – years before people got certificates for it.

I took a one week Project Management Course at Boston University for a job I once had.

Just believe and you will receive, anything’s possible.

I wanted to be a missionary.  I wanted to changed the world and save it.  One person at a time.

My first job offer came to me.  I didn’t apply for the job.  I graduated from high school and was approached by Bell Labs (before telephone deregulation) to come to work for them as an Executive Assistant.

Yup.  My first job after high school was an Executive Assistant position.  The summer after graduation, they came after me because they noticed an award I received and my grades.

I politely told them that while I wanted to work, I was living at home and wanted to save the world.  I made an THEM an offer: I’ll take your job, if you will allow me to work part-time.

Anything’s possible.

I was told they didn’t hire part-time workers.

No thank you.

Don’t be deceived.  Anything’s possible.

Guess what?

I got a call in September of that year.  Wouldn’t you know that Bell Labs had decided to implement a part-time work force and they wanted to know if I would come to work for them.

At the age of 18, I learned a valuable life lesson.

It might not be easy, but anything’s possible!

Many years and careers later, I was leaving church one Sunday with a friend.  She was speaking about a member of our church who had moved to Chicago.

She had just gotten a job as a producer on the Oprah Winfrey Show, after having received an Emmy for her work on The View.


I went home and researched what a Producer does.

I wanted in.  I had a flashback to my senior year in High School and my moment while watching The Wiz in theaters.  (If you haven’t read that story, you should click here! )

“Don’t you know –it’s gonna be sweat and some tears, and some hard years!”

It took some years.  But, I ended up in television accidentally.

Accidentally on purpose!

“Don’t  let em tell you can’t be, anything you wanna be!”

I was out of work and looking for a job.  I randomly picked a temp agency.

It just “happened” to be one of only two temp agencies that were contracted to provide workers to Viacom!

I was 17 when I knew I wanted to be in television production.  It didn’t happen until more than ANOTHER 17 years later.

If it’s meant to happen, it will.  You can’t hide from your purpose.

Your best bet is to prepare yourself so that when your life meets your purpose, your dreams will come true!

Keep dreaming!  Anything’s possible….


4 thoughts on “Anything’s Possible

  1. This is real talk…it’s all about these moments in our lives. In this very “needed it yesterday” world, we have to remember to slow down and acknowledge victories, big and small.


  2. More and more, you scare me.
    I SO appreciate you sharing not only your truth, but your journeys.

    I cannot wait to pass this blog onto a friend of mine who I was talking to on the phone last night until we fell asleep.
    She was feeling down about her path and where she was right now as compared to where she wanted to be/thought she should be.
    My words to her? “Well, I recall you stating that by the time you got off your full-time/40hr per week job and put in 4 hrs in beauty school, you have no time to do anything but come home and sleep. If a career in the beauty industry is what you want and feel you will making a successful living, why are you putting majority hours of your day in an insurance company; making them richer. Give them half of you and spend the other half-doing you: allowing you time to finish beauty school sooner, go work in some beauty salon for little or even no pay-even if it’s to sweep floors. Learn from people who are doing it-watch them. At least when you are ready-you will be ready.”

    I’m glad you wrote this blog and again I ask you: “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”

    Your story is proof as that creating your own lane and making special sacrifices work themselves out in your favor in the end if you stick to what it is YOU want out of the deal for you as well as dividing “you” with what’s practical.

    I cannot wait to pass your blog on to her, that is, if she has the time!

    ***** <—–Five Stars for Suncera!


  3. Kev

    Excellent Post!

    I believe the 1st step to attaining a goal is to convince the mind that you can do it. If you aspire to it, you will learn it and then earn it. (with or without a degree)


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