Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


Sweet dreams are made of this:

A few years ago, there was an auction in my building. Okay, I don’t OWN the building, it was actually at 1515 Broadway, the home of Viacom. I was an Executive Assistant at MTV Networks. There, on the 7th floor in The Lodge, were fully framed photos that had previously graced the walls of MTV and VH1.

I got inspired to dream.

I looked throughout the pictures and decided I would bid on photos of people I would like to meet personally because they had inspired me in some way.  I’m not financially wealthy now nor was I then.  However, when it comes to dreams, money is irrelevant and living a dream is priceless.

So, I bid on the following:

32″ X 40″ photo of Russell Simmons

6′ X 4′ photo of Sandra Bullock (yes feet, not inches!)

32″ X 40″ photo of Big Daddy Kane

32″ X 40″ photo of Salt n Pepa

As the auction wound down to the last few minutes, I stayed close to the pictures and about 5 minutes before the close of the auction, I saw it: the reason I was driven to the auction.


A few weeks earlier, I called my boss with an idea for a TV Show that I wanted to develop around Celebrities and their Charities. In my first pitch for the show, I mentioned two names and two names only.


Hidden behind another picture was the picture of my dreams!

a 5’ x 4’ picture of Wyclef Jean and Bono (YES! Feet, not inches!)

Four minutes and counting!

With my heart racing and limited cash, I had to make a decision. Which of the pictures did I want the MOST? As I walked around the room and checked the status of my written bids, I prayed (yes, LITERALLY) prayed that no one would notice the picture that I had come for.

Everybody is looking for something.

Two minutes, thirty seconds, tick tock.

I planted myself firmly in front of the picture I wanted most and with 90 seconds on the clock I noticed that I had been outbid!

Thirty seconds, tick tock.

I placed the final bid and you can’t imagine what happened next.


Hold your head up! Keep your head up!

Moving on….

On Monday of this week past, I attended Wyclef’s free concert in Times Square.

(SHAMELESS PLUG: More about him and why I joined his online movement in my radio interview on Sunday. Click on the Dream Chasers link in the right column of this blogpage after 4PM EST 11/15)

The night before the concert, I toyed with the idea of taking my huge photo out of the frame to see if Wyclef would sign it for me. I took it down, carefully rolled it up and on Monday morning, the first article I read online was from Spinner.com.

Don’t you LOVE it when you get confirmation?

As Wyclef approached the crowd, I held up the picture, MY PICTURE!


What happened next was a part of the dream that I don’t recall dreaming. Wyclef walked over to me and asked why I was standing in line. “Warriors don’t wait! Come walk in with me. Give me your purse.” Instantly, his bodyguard placed one arm firmly behind my back and with the other grabbed the back of my knees and lifted me over the metal grate!

Who am I to disagree?

Nope. I haven’t closed the deal for the show, YET! I haven’t met with Wyclef and Bono to discuss the show, YET!

But, guess what:


Yup, I got my photo signed!

If you dream enough dreams – they will weave together and form the foundation of your reality!

Who am I to disagree?

What sweet dreams are you weaving together today?

By the way, I got a call from Salt’s manager yesterday about a show I’m pitching to her.  Russell Simmons, Sandra Bullock, Big Daddy Kane, I’ll meet you soon!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

  1. I KNOW that’s right!

    Awww man. This tickled me the WHOLE way through, not to mention-inspired me as well, even more than your sharing it to serve as proof that dreaming dreams do [come into fruition <– oh God I'm so sick of that line] but hey. LoL.

    Why even more so?
    Because it is so IRONIC that you not only chose this song and dreamed a dream that manifested itself in this way, but the dream lead from a cause to an effect to another effect.
    I love stories with beginnings and endings like this.

    I like the way you brought the experience together as well as how you interjected lines of the lyrics with your experience (that's a writer thing-smile).

    I say that it is crazy ironic-your choice in song; because I've always loved Annie Lennox as well as that song. Later in life, an experience of mine (and DON'T laugh) SO reminded me of that song [in particular] and all I could see was the person that song reminded me OF-all dressed in full sadism and masochism uniform. (SERIOUSLY-I don't laugh). So over the past [I will say 4/5 years maybe] every time I'd hear this song on the radio, I'd immediately turn it off and shake my head really fast and say: "urgghhhh. Jesus." (I said don't laugh) LoL.

    Now the next time I hear this song, I definitely will connect it as a theme song to your experience remember it instead!

    Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best in your project that is in the works.
    I am confident that your dream does NOT stop here.

    -Angela Sherice.


    • The problem with most of us is that we have been taught how to dream incorrectly. As little girls we are taught to look for a prince charming who will come and whisk us away into an AWESOME life. The story doesn’t mention what we need to do to attract him or what the journey along the way is. The more specific you are with your dreams, the more they become a part of your psyche and you are driven to make them happen! DREAM BIG! Dare to dream a bigger dream today, than the dream you had yesterday! Sweet dreams 🙂


    • “I like the way you brought the experience together as well as how you interjected lines of the lyrics with your experience (that’s a writer thing-smile).” That’s strategic. It’s part of my branding 🙂 Glad you like it!


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